Realistic Job Previews: A Cost-Effective Retention Tactic
15 Sep 2021
- 02:30 AM to 03:30 AM EST
60 Minutes

Realistic Job Previews: A Cost-Effective Retention Tactic

Realistic Job Previews: A Cost-Effective Retention Tactic

Wes Pruett, owner of HR Advisors LLC brings over 35 years of professional level HR experience helping business solve people-related challenges. Prior to forming HR Advisors he held a senior leadership role at Mayo Clinic Health System - Fairmont.

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Realistic Job Previews (RJP’s) are becoming an increasingly popular tool to improve employee selection effectiveness and reduce turnover. Hiring the right person is critical and RJP’s are one way to reduce turnover, align expectations, improve engagement, and support company brand. Even during times when good candidates are in short supply there is no value in hiring someone who is not a good fit. We all know that a poor fit results in dissatisfaction, misalignment, and ultimately higher turnover. RJP’s are a way to assure that both the company and candidate are clear about the key components of the job. In one study recent candidates were asked what they wanted from an employer. The number one response (84%) was ‘good insight into the role’. In another study, the number one reason for turnover (48% of respondents) was that the reality of the job did not match employee’s expectations. RJP’s solve this problem.

RJP’s are a relatively easy way to positively reduce turnover with the side benefit of improving engagement and supporting your onboarding program. This webinar will provide answers so that participants can create an effective Realistic Job Preview for their company.

Among other things, the course will cover topics such as
 What RJP’s are and how they can improve turnover
 Key components of an effective RJP
 Examples of RJP’s that you can apply to your selection program
 How RJPs support a best-practices onboarding program
 The connection between RJP’s and engagement
 How RJP’s manage candidate expectations
 How RJP’s inoculate new employees to workplace challenges
 How RJP’s support and align with the companies mission, vision, and values
 The 6 characteristics of a good RJP
 How RJP’s can attract candidates to take on the challenges of your workplace
 The value of self-selection and candidate empowerment
 The link between employee self-selection and employee retention

What you will Receive
 Copy of the presentation slides
 135+ retention strategies
 Onboarding program assessment tool
 Questions for conducting stay interviews
 Key competencies for interviewing and job descriptions
 Leadership self-assessment

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